Tooth Gems

Just like tattoos and piercings, tooth gem services are customizable to fit you. They can be small subtle and hidden, or flashy and vibrant. With different tones of gold and never ending options with stones, crystals, sizes, etc. We’re sure to have a gem that fits you!
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-A tooth gem is a genuine Swarovski or 18k solid gold or white gold crystal that is applied to a tooth with medical grade dental components. 

-Tooth gems cannot be applied to any artificial tooth, veneer, crown or denture.

-Tooth gems are non damaging, and are bonded to the tooth just as a dental bracket would be at the dentist.

-Typically, tooth gems will last anywhere from 6-24 months. Factors such as gem placement, acidity levels  & dental hygiene all play a role in tooth gem retention.

-The semi-permanent procedure is completely safe & painless and can easily be removed at any time. 

-While they are meant to be temporary, if your tooth gem is lasting longer than you prefer, dentist can easily remove your tooth gem and simply polish the tooth to remove any residual composite that might be lingering. 

Tooth gems offer a unique option to our clients in still allowing you to express your unique style, but without the pain of getting a tattoo or piercing.


Basic gem60
Custom gem 110-120
Two basic gems110
Two custom gems160
Three basic gems160
Four basic gems200
Five basic gems230
Burst (entire tooth)400
Burst + custom 500
*Pricing ranges vary based off gem chosen, but gem and service fee are included in overall pricing*

Follow our instagram @ladymagnoliatattoo or our tooth gem tech @pimpinprosperity for updates!

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